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Links and Guidelines for online presentations at the TMS 2022 conference: 

  • Online presentation will be done via ZOOM. You should have Zoom installed on your computer.
  • Please check the programme on the conference website to know the day, time, room, and session of your presentation.
  • Please connect to the room 15 minutes before the start of the session. Turn on the video but no sound. Just click on the link to the room (no meeting ID or access code needed). Open the Power Point presentation. When it is your turn to start the presentation, turn on the sound and start. You should share your screen. GOOD LUCK!
  • The time for each presentation is 15 minutes. At the end of the session, there will be 5 minutes for each presentation for debate. If a session has, for instance 4 presentations, there will be a 20-minute debate.
  • You may be asked by the session chair to conclude or stop after 15 minutes.


TMS 2022 Room 1 (English)

Meeting ID/ID da reunião: 910 0008 2683
Access code/Senha de acesso: 651257

TMS 2022 Room 2 (English)

Meeting ID/ID da reunião: 940 8113 3199

Access code/Senha de acesso: 307483

TMS 2022 Room 5 (PT/ES)

ID da reunião: 93082541705
Senha de acesso: 316904


TMS 2022 Room 9 (PT/ES)

ID da reunião: 98107824284

Senha de acesso: 179221

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